Selling your property can be highly emotional. The emotions can be good or maybe not so good. The process can be fairly complex and at times not so predictable. Therefore, you need to rely on expert advice and the leadership of a seasoned real estate agent that understands these complications. An agent that in addition to a seamless knowledge of the nuts and bolts of the process has a team of legal and professional experts that can help in the specifics.

In our opinion the key attributes of a real estate agent are as follow:

  • Honesty: Look for an agent that tells you what you should hear and not what you want to hear. You need a broker that thinks "Client First". This might seem a bit of an exaggeration and a bit hard to grasp in today's materialistic world. But this is one of the key attributes of a good agent. The real estate agent's top and foremost attribute should be to put his clients' interest ahead of his and be completely transparent and honest. This is one of the key areas of differentiation at KIG Realty, because we think beyond current deal and we believe in word of mouth!

  • Marketing Skills: Selling in today's markets requires "out of the box" marketing strategies. One of the greatest sayings is that "If I had $10, I would put $1 to work and the remaining $9 marketing my work". The agent should be able to leverage the latest tools and techniques to promote and market your property. We are not talking about solely putting a "For Sale" sign up in your front yard and call it "Market Exposure". But to have a solid marketing strategy backed with supporting analytics that enables you to make an educated decision and helps you to strategize your next move.

  • Negotiation Skills: Surprisingly enough I have not come across a lot of agents that are good at negotiations. You can't broker if you are not a shrewd negotiator. You can't protect the best interest of your client if you are not blessed with the fine art of negotiation. Look for an agent that is a good salesperson. A salesperson that can sell radio to the deaf!

  • Analytical Skills: Every real estate agent out there can do the simple math. First of all, can calculate his/her commission among many other things! Can tell you how much you can potentially afford or calculate your monthly payments for a given APR. But not every real estate agent can effectively utilize the vast pool of analytical information surrounding your property. Not every real estate agent can leverage the market trends and the comparative property values in building a bullet proof strategy for the client. We live in a world of information. Today's problems are not due to lack of information but rather abundance of information. Therefore, you need an agent that can decipher this information, filter the noise, and be able to formulate the information into actionable conclusions and turn them into decision making tools.

  • Up to date knowledge: Markets change, regulations change, technologies change, needs change, values change, .... everything changes! Things become obsolete much faster than they used to. Your phone is a good sentiment! That's the world we live in today. An up to date knowledge of the latest developments both in the micro- and macro-scales are required to direct the client towards the most reasonable and profitable alternative.

  • Ability to delegate: Don't look for a real estate agent that can do everything! Those days are over. We live in a much more complex world today. A world that requires highly experienced specialists to get the job done. A world that mistakes may be too costly and not recoverable at times. Real estate agents are no different. The agent should have the broad knowledge and understanding of the process but be open and willing to delegate to specialists when things require expert opinion and advice.